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Through integrated sensors, Onyx-Glass provides marketing intelligence, by using computer vision to anonymously to detect consumer demographics and other key insights. Our clients receive detailed analytics reports as well as access to a secure cloud portal where they are free to interrogate and compare data sets.


These metrics, enhance the media and advertising effect, as our clients are able to strategically understand consumer behavior, against drivers of these behaviors – further driving sales and customer engagement.

Some of the metrics that are collected:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Emotion (Happy, sad, confused, angry, neutral)

  • Time of Day

  • Day of Week

  • Dwell time

  • Number of ”Eyes-On” the screen

  • Engagement & Interaction metrics

  • Doesn’t count the same face twice!

  • Identifies repeat and new customers - anonymously


Onyx-Glass includes a world-class built-in CMS system allowing clients to self manage / schedule content, or Onyx’s management team may run this service for clients.  Our bespoke CMS has all the integrations built into the AITA (hyperlink to AITA section) triggers.

  • Cloud-managed CMS

  • Remotely manage / schedule content globally

  • Create individual schedules at individual locations

  • Built-in Integrated triggers – that will enable you to ”serve content “ to specific demographic profiles

  • Already Integrated into Onyx’s AITA triggers READ MORE

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