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Instead of merely uploading an advertising showreel, or scheduling specific adverts to run during specific times of the day in the hope of reaching your desired audience. Onyx-Glass makes deploys a proprietary AI system called - AITA™️ (Artificial Intelligence Targeted Advertising™️) which will allow you to pre-load many different adverts – which will only be triggered if and when that particular customer or customer profile is present, ensuring that the right content is served to the right customer profile – in Real-Time resulting in significant increases in customer engagement and sales.

Onyx-Glass advanced AITA algorithm will also serve different content based on the proximity of the customer – from the "entice zone" which is used to get attention / and pull the customers closer to the purchase.


All the way to the engage zone – where the message changes to the Call-To-Action. Onyx-Glass AI module has proven extremely successful, in anticipating customer behavior and adapting to this in real-time – during the consumer’s path to purchase.


Say hello to the future of intelligent advertising, and goodbye to “spray & pray” marketing.

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