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"To become an expert it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice." 

- Malcolm Gladwell


Onyx-Glass™ was created in 2012 when it's founders sought to integrate digital signage into ordinary Glass creating an immersive and brand new digital media experience like never before.

Onyx-Glass™ is a progressive PATENTED answer to the new-age of immersive marketing. Bring life to static advertisements and signage, whilst improving sustainability efforts through decreasing dependencies on print media in this space.


Embedded with a proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) hub, Onyx-Glass™ anticipates consumers profile & behaviors and will serve the best fit digital messaging to the appropriate audience by demographic fit.


The AI goes one step further by understanding whether customers are just browsing, or if they are ready to make their purchase decision - this will trigger different messaging and varying levels of translucency. Intelligent Translucency™ provides for a world-first in enabling Onyx-Glass™ to offer 100% translucency.


Disrupt the status quo and stand out from the crowd with a wide range of sophisticated and completely adaptable software, you now have the power to target and track your audience and meet their needs in a fun, sustainable and high-tech way. Onyx has a tailored, turnkey solution just waiting for you.

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